Rainbow: veja os detalhes do box set "The Singles"

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"RAINBOW - The Singles Box Set 1975 - 1986" foi lançado ontem e conta com 19 CD´s.

Confira o tracklist:

CD 1
'Man On The Silver Mountain' (7" Edit)
'Snake Charmer'
CD 2
'Still I’m Sad'
'The Temple Of The King'
CD 3
'Man On The Silver Mountain' (7" Edit)
'Snake Charmer'
'If You Don’t Like Rock N Roll'
'Sixteenth Century Greensleeves'
CD 4
'Starstruck' (New York Mix)
'Run With The Wolf'
CD 5
'Kill The King' (Live / Edit)
'Man On The Silver Mountain' (Live)
'Mistreated' (Live / 7" Edit)
CD 6
'Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll'
'Sensitive To Light'
CD 7
'L.A. Connection' (7" Edit)
'Lady Of The Lake'
CD 8
'Since You Been Gone'
'Bad Girl'
CD 9
'Since You Been Gone'
'No Time To Lose'
CD 10
'All Night Long'
'Weiss Heim'
CD 11
'I Surrender'
'Vielleicht Das NachsterMal (Maybe Next Time)'
CD 12
'Difficult To Cure'
'Can’t Happen Here (7" Edit)
'Jealous Lover'
CD 13
'Freedom Fighter'
CD 14
'Can’t Happen Here' (7" Edit)
'Jealous Lover'
CD 15
'Stone Cold' (Album Version)
'Rock Fever'
CD 16
'Death Alley Driver'
'Tite Squeeze'
CD 17
'Street Of Dreams'
'Anybody There'
'Power' (Live At The Convention Center, San Antonio)
CD 18
'Can’t Let You Go' (7" Edit)
'All Night Long' (Live at David’s Hall, Cardiff, 1983)
'Stranded' (Live at St. David’s Hall,Cardiff, 1983)
CD 19
'Bad Girl'
'Spotlight Kid' (Live)
'Man On The Silver Mountain'

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